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Hi there. My name is Taylor Polk. Welcome to my website. I am here to talk to you about the supplies and equipment used by vets in taking care of dogs, cats and other animals. I will share information about the diagnostic equipment used to identify the illnesses and injuries affecting animals of all kinds. I will also cover the supplies used in the treatments of all the most common conditions handled by veterinarians. Please feel free to come by my site daily to learn all you need to know about vet care equipment and supplies. Thank you for coming by.


How To Help Your Dog If He Ingests Poison

29 May 2019
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Dogs are pretty curious animals and can get into just about anything. If your dog likes to chew on things he shouldn't or get into things he shouldn't, chances are pretty good that he could end up eating or drinking something that may end up being poisonous. If your dog does ingest something poisonous, you should know what to do and how to help your dog so that he can get the treatment he needs to be back to his healthy, curious self again. Read More …

Your Dog Ate What?! Common Things Dogs Eat & What To Do

14 May 2019
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Tiki the black labrador made news in 2015 after a vet found an astounding 62 hair bands and 8 pairs of underwear in her stomach. Scans showed a mess in the poor dog's belly, but it wasn't until the veterinarian did exploratory surgery that the odd combination of items was discovered. This is only one example, but dogs can and will eat some pretty odd things. Canines like to chew, and they often explore things with their mouth much like a toddler. Read More …

3 Tips When Your Cat’s Overweight

25 April 2019
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Since cats are naturally small, even just a pound or two of excess weight can put them into obese territory. Unfortunately, obesity in cats is linked to several health conditions, including high blood pressure, increased joint pain and risk of arthritis, and even a shorter overall lifespan. You want the best for your cat, which means finding ways to help them slim down and maintain a healthy weight. Here are three tips to follow when your cat is overweight. Read More …

4 Tips to Keep Your Dog’s Stomach Healthy

24 April 2019
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Most dogs love to eat. That's usually fine as long as you're feeding your dog healthy food, but sometimes dogs can develop bad habits that can harm their stomachs. Here are four tips you can use to keep your dog's stomach healthy. 1. Use a special bowl to slow down your dog's eating. Some dogs eat too quickly, which can cause vomiting, choking, or an upset stomach. While you can't tell your dog to eat more slowly, you can utilize a specially designed bowl to make your dog slow down. Read More …

Woes Of Spring Time Shedding

23 April 2019
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With spring and summer comes pet shedding season and you may find yourself surrounded by loose, flying fur around your home and yard. Your dog or cat may seem uncomfortable during this time as well. Here are some things you can do to help your pet through the shedding process as well as signs of abnormal shedding that mean your pet should see a veterinarian. When Do Pets Shed? Dogs and cats who spend a lot of time outdoors will shed twice a year in the spring and fall. Read More …