Should You Hire A Mobile Vet For Your Company?

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Should You Hire A Mobile Vet For Your Company?

23 November 2022
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If you own and operate a veterinarian clinic, it might be worth it to you to invest in a mobile vet for your clinic. Your veterinary clinic will be able to better meet the needs of many of your clients, but this move in hiring isn't for everyone. If your clinic serves a very specific niche and house calls or visiting clients where they live doesn't make sense, then a mobile vet addition to your staff won't make a lot of sense to you.

However, if you are a traditional veterinary clinic and want to reach more clients and provide more services for them, then you should consider hiring a traveling vet for your practice. Here are signs that this is a wise idea for your vet practice.

You have a lot of lifelong local clients

Are a majority of your clients people and pets who have been with you for years? Are many of your services tending to elderly pets or pets needing euthanasia because they are very old? Adding a mobile vet to your vet clinic can be beneficial in this way, because many clients may appreciate being able to have their elderly or stressed pets treated at home. You can include mobile vet services to your regular list of offerings or hire a new vet to work exclusively with house calls.

You have a lot of agricultural clients

If you have a lot of clients who have livestock, then you need a traveling vet in your practice. This type of vet will go to farmers' and ranchers' livestock lots and do pregnancy checks and provide vaccinations and other services on a large scale, right on-site. Adding a mobile vet to your rural practice can help you get more clients and meet the needs of your larger clients who can regularly use your services for their stock. You want to be able to get more of these clients since they tend to be long-term and have consistently large needs, so land more of these contracts with the agricultural sector and grow your veterinary practice by hiring a traveling vet.

Any time a traveling vet visits your clients, a traveling vet fee can be applied to clients' accounts (with a few exceptions). Your practice can grow in many ways by adding this benefit to your vet practice. A mobile vet can provide their own supplies when you bring them on as an independent contractor if you wish.