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All About Vet Supplies and Equipment

Hi there. My name is Taylor Polk. Welcome to my website. I am here to talk to you about the supplies and equipment used by vets in taking care of dogs, cats and other animals. I will share information about the diagnostic equipment used to identify the illnesses and injuries affecting animals of all kinds. I will also cover the supplies used in the treatments of all the most common conditions handled by veterinarians. Please feel free to come by my site daily to learn all you need to know about vet care equipment and supplies. Thank you for coming by.


Woes Of Spring Time Shedding

23 April 2019
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With spring and summer comes pet shedding season and you may find yourself surrounded by loose, flying fur around your home and yard. Your dog or cat may seem uncomfortable during this time as well. Here are some things you can do to help your pet through the shedding process as well as signs of abnormal shedding that mean your pet should see a veterinarian. When Do Pets Shed? Dogs and cats who spend a lot of time outdoors will shed twice a year in the spring and fall. Read More …

Spay/Neuter Myths, Debunked

22 April 2019
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Bringing a pet into your home and family's lives requires a great deal of discipline and responsibility. Unfortunately, many people allow their dog or cat to breed, increasing the number of unwanted pets in the world. Choosing to spay/neuter your dog or cat is wise for a few reasons, including preventing overpopulation and keeping your pet healthy. However, most people do not fully understand the spay/neuter procedure or its benefits. This guide will help you learn the truth behind a few common spay and neuter myths. Read More …

3 Essential Tips For Keeping A New Puppy Happy And Healthy

16 April 2019
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Do you have or are you thinking about getting a puppy for your family? Are you doing research to find out what you'll need to do to keep your furry friend happy and healthy? While owning a dog isn't the most difficult thing that you'll ever do, there are still a number of challenges and things that you need to know about. Keeping a dog can be a huge responsibility, one that you'll want to take seriously if you expect to have the most success. Read More …

Why Obesity Is Dangerous For Your Cat And How To Get Your Cat In Shape

12 April 2019
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Just like humans, cats can become obese due to a sedentary lifestyle and poor diet. Obesity is dangerous for your cat since it leads to a variety of health complications and can shorten your cat's life. Plus, your cat may not have energy or feel well when carrying too much weight around. Here are some serious complications of obesity in cats and how a veterinarian might help get your cat back in shape. Read More …

Taking in a Rescue Puppy: A Guide for Foundational Health

9 April 2019
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If you adopt a puppy from a bad situation or from a country shelter, the puppy might need more work than you might expect, especially to make sure that they have everything they need to be healthy and strong as they grow. Puppy mills, abusive homes, or neglectful situations can have some negative effects on your puppy's health. Follow this guide to get your pup back on track to develop into a great family dog. Read More …