Taking Your Dog To The Dog Park? 3 Ways To Protect Your Dog

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Taking Your Dog To The Dog Park? 3 Ways To Protect Your Dog

29 March 2019
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Taking your dog to the dog park is a great way to allow your dog to interact with other dogs. It is also a great way to allow your dog to get exercise, especially if you live somewhere without a backyard for your pet to play in. However, before you take your dog to the park, you need to make sure you are properly protecting your dog.

#1 Don't Take Your Dogs Until They Are Vaccinated

Being around other dogs can be a lot of fun, but it can also be risky as well. Other dogs that look perfectly healthy on the outside can carry viruses and diseases that they can easily pass on to your dog. You should never take your dog to the park when they are a puppy and have not completed a full round of vaccinations. Taking your puppy before they are fully vaccinated can put your puppy at risk of contracting a virus or disease which could be deadly for your little puppy.

Make sure your dog has been vaccinated against most of the contagious diseases, such as parvovirus and distemper before they start attending your local dog park.

Remember that vaccines don't last forever, so be sure to get the necessary booster shots as your dog grows up. Visit a veterinarian like Murrells Inlet Veterinary Hospital to learn more. 

#2 Protect Against Ticks & Fleas

Dog parks are located outside, which means your dog has a chance to encounter some ticks while playing. Your dog will also be playing around other dogs, which means your dog could be at risk of contracting fleas as well. Use either a topical or oral medication to protect your dog from these risks. Keep in mind that most flea and tick medications are designed to last for a few weeks, and then need to be reapplied or given again to your pet.

#3 Train Your Pet

Dog parks are not a free for all. You are expected to control your pet. Your dog needs to have some basic training before becoming a park regular. Your dog needs to obey commands, such as come and stay. There is a lot going on at the dog park that can attract your dog's attention; you need to make sure that your dog will listen and pay attention to you when you call.

Protect your dog before you make them a dog park regular by fully vaccinating your dog, protecting them against ticks and fleas, and making sure they have some basic training.