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All About Pet Vaccinations

22 August 2022
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When you get a new dog or cat, you want to take the appropriate actions to ensure they remain healthy for as long as possible. One of the things you need to do is to make sure the pet is up-to-date with their vaccinations. You can learn more about vaccinations in the information below: 

Puppies and kittens need a series of shots

When you get a new puppy or kitten, they should have more than one set of vaccinations. You should take them to see the vet shortly after you bring them home. This is when they will be given an exam to make sure they are healthy and to give them their first set of shots. Then, the vet will let you know when to bring them back. They may want them to get two or three more sets of shots, depending on their age. 

Your new adult pet should receive their vaccinations

When you bring home a new dog or cat, and you aren't sure of its vaccination history, then you want to bring it in to receive a booster. This way, you will know that they are going to be protected. It also helps you by allowing you to know the actual date of their last vaccinations, so you know when to bring them back each year. 

Adults should receive ongoing boosters

Your vet will likely want you to bring your adult cat or dog back for their booster shots within the next few years in most cases. This will help your pet to continue to be protected because the vaccinations can wear off over time. Some vets feel it's good to give the vaccinations every year, some feel the vaccinations are good for much longer, so they will schedule the booster date according to their recommended schedule. 

Pets may need additional vaccinations if you are going on a trip or moving

If you are going to be taking your pet to a different area, then there may be illnesses going around in that area that your pet isn't protected against. If an illness isn't a concern in the area you reside in, then your vet may not have felt it necessary to include that shot in your pet's vaccinations. You can call a vet in the area you are going to such as Apple Valley Animal Hospital and find out what vaccinations they suggest. Then you can have your vet give your pet those vaccinations to protect them.